Ceremonies and Participation

Th Order of the Atomic Priesthood consists of a Holy Order which was revealed to Thomas Seboek in 1986 in a dream. Ever since this point, the Order has strived to honour Nucleus through obedience of the Truths and adherence to the Order. We believe that this order is Nucleus’ will and thus is in the best interest of everyone, regardless of status, nationality, race, gender, race and sexuality. Ultimately we value discipline and fellowship which allow us to stay accountable to each other and honour Nucleus through our lives.

The Holy Order


Our Lord Almighty Nucleus is the most generous, just, loving and powerful, creator and ruler. He sits at the centre of all our organisation’s decisions and teachings. Any attempt to visually represent Nucleus is seen as blasphemy and is punishable by nuclear exposure according to the Truths.

The Divine Components

Through the divine beings – Protons, Electrons and Neutrons – Nucleus formed the whole Universe and controls its consequential manifestation. Thus, we pay respect to these forces of divine energy by respecting the fine balance between positive and negative.


These are anointed and chosen humans, men or women, who have been selected as channels of atomic truth. They are there to guide theological interpretations and prophecy(when inspired by Nucleus) to the rest of the Order.

To become a Guardian it is necessary to have memorised the Truths and trained in the Institute of the Order which is located in Onkalo(the most sacred site of the Order on Earth). It is here where the Guardians meet once a year for their Council to discuss what Nucleus is revealing and what information shall be shared with the rest of the Order. They often transcribe semiotic signs to decorate the meeting places of Radioactive Collectives.

The most important sign in nuclear semiotics within the Order.

It is against Nucleus’ Laws to ask a Guardian a direct question unless a Guardian yourself as they have secrets to steward and must protect the population from information which is too Holy for their ears and will thus harm them.

Each Guardian is assigned a country to reside in as their presence is seen as a blessing to the area.

You can recognise a Guardian from their white cloaks with the sign of the Order on them. Guardians are also known as the Atomic Regents.

The Guardians reside in what were formerly called Nuclear Power Plants but are now called the Sacred Fission Grounds. Here they take dominion over the precious gift of nuclear material and are responsible for its use.

The Brothers and Sisters

Also known as the Atomic Priests, these are the individuals who are permitted to carry out the sacred rituals of the order and have the authority to administer religious rites.

They are seen as the leaders of the Gatherings around the world. They are devoid of the same Holy knowledge as the Guardians but are too required to memorise to Truths for application in teachings.

To become a Brother or Sister of the Order one must be trained by another Brother or Sister with more than 20 years experience in ministry and, of course, had a radium initiation ceremony. Only members of the Gathering with formal equation in Physics – the most sacred education – are permitted to apply for the training.

The job of a Brother or Sister is to lead their Gathering to deeper understanding and connection with Nucleus. They are there for pastoral guidance and supporting the local community, administering the rites when necessary.

These leaders can be identified by their red cloaks with the sign of the Order on the top pocket.

The Gathering

The Gathering is the community of believers who form the Order congregation. We value the Gathering hugely as they are faithful and loyal members of the Order.

To be a member of the Gathering of the Order you must have done your Radium Initiation(details below) and you are required to attend the Radioactive Collectives every Saturday at 3pm.

The Sacraments, Religious Rites and Ceremonies

The Radiation Initiation

When first stepping into the Truth, it is natural that your community should celebrate this with you and help you to commit yourself to honouring Nucleus; hence, the Radiation Initiation is the ceremony in which you declare your belief of the Truths publicly. This legally binds you to the Order as well, giving your whole life to the ministry and trusting Nucleus’ will. You will be granted a patch with the Order’s emblem on it to remind you of your duty.

The Radioactive Collectives

Every week, at 3pm on Saturdays, the Gathering collects in a space (usually of scientific significance, bringing a stronger sense of sanctity) with their assigned Brother or Sister. This service takes the traditional format outlined in the Truths which involves, a time of reflection on the power and authority of Nucleus and his gift to us; a time of worship where the Gathering recite the fundamental Truths in a chant; and a time of prayer for the favour of Nucleus in our scientific ventures.

Refinement and Adjustments

This is the process of confessing whatever laws you have broken. The Brothers and Sisters of the Order are licensed to administer reconciliation certificates if members of the Gathering pay the price of their disrespect. Depending on the severity of the sin, they will be asked to pay certain amounts, all of which go towards the missions and upkeep of the Order. We believe that we all must take responsibility for the impact of our wrongdoing on others and Nucleus, hence we take refinements and adjustments very seriously.

Fusion Ceremony

In the secular world this ceremony is known as ‘marriage’, however, unlike the corrupt services of other religions, we believe that the fusion can only take place in the presence of Nucleus. For these important ritualistic ceremonies, we insist on the couple concerned (same-sex is permitted) say their vows on Sacred Fission Grounds. It is generally expected that the newly-fused couple will spend their first year together thanking Nucleus for their union by working in service to the Guardians in the Sacred Fission Grounds. This often involves practical tasks.

The Testament of Desire

Just as atoms split, we believe that it is every human’s destiny to reproduce. Every cell in the body replicates this split just as most animals do. Due to the dangers of the modern world, however, it is important that children only be welcomed onto Earth when their parents are fully able to support them properly and according the the Truths. Hence, any couple that desires to have a child must declare their desire to have offspring to a Brother or Sister, giving a testament to their desire. The Brother/Sister will then meet with their dioceses to discuss whether or not they should be permitted. Failure to abide to this law will result in eternal consequences, as spoken by Nucleus.

The Declaration of the Atomic Vow(over future generations)

If a child is born (with out any clear mark of their parents’ disobedience in nuclear respect i.e. radiation poisoning), the Priesthood invites a celebration and blessing on the baby. No later than three days old(the sacred number), the Gathering declare that it will guard and teach the baby in the way of the Order. The baby is given a neck chain with the sign of the Order on it to remind them on their 18th birthday of their own responsibility to educate their own children in the ways of the Order.

The Surrender

When a member of the Order passes away, their body is sent to a location with radioactive exposure as this is seen as the clearest way to unite their spirit with Nucleus. However, to ensure there is no breach of the Truths, the Brother or Sister placing the body is required to do so from a helicopter.

Rutherford Day

On 16th September, there is an annual celebration of our most celebrated Guardian, Ernest Rutherford. It was the September 1933 when he first proved the existence of nuclear fission scientifically which we believe was Nucleus’ gift of understanding to the human race. This is celebrated through a ritualistic ceremony with dancing and communal meals.

Translation Day

Although it remains obscure why exactly this event takes place, part of the tradition of the priesthood is Translation Day which takes place every 100 years. The Guardians (the only people who understand the true meaning of this day) are responsible for translating the Truths and all other Holy Texts into the language spoken in their nation contemporary to their time serving. In a sacred text written by Sebeok was clear that Nucleus had emphasised the importance of this.

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